High Strength Free Flow Non Shrink Grout (25Kg)

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Easy to use: Just add water on site. The product is pre-packed in controlled conditions for consistency in quality. Free flowing: Fills up all voids completely. There is no need for compaction of material in the voids. Non-shrinking: Occupies the filled space permanently without shrinking. It provides constant support to the load bearing areas. High early and final strength: Achieves high early and ultimate strength above 45 MPa at 28 days. Non-metallic and chloride-free: Does not contain chlorides and metals thus prevents any corrosion in the grouted foundation.

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Brand: Chembond

Pack Size: 25 Kg

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Uses: Machinery foundation and base plates. Compressors and turbines. Heavy duty grouting of pumps and motors. Chemical and engineering plants. Structural columns and bearing plates. Anchor and seating bolts and pockets.


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