Micro Crack Detection Spray (400ml)

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Application: For on-site use in non destructive inspection of material, surfaces, equipments, structures in Petrochemical plants, Pipelines, Flanges, Tools & Gauges, Machined Components, Heavy Chemical Industries, Oil & Gas refineries, Chemical Pharmaceutical & Pesticides mfg plants, etc. to detect cracks, open cavities in welded parts, discontinuities, porosities, etc.

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Brand: Protochem

Pack Size: 400 ml

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Do not apply to energized equipment. Clean the surface to be treated with Flaw Check Cleaner. Shake well & spray Flaw Check Dye Penetrant to get a light even coat on the test surface. Allow remaining on the test surface for 10 to 20 minutes. Remove Flaw Check Dye Penetrant on the surface by wiping with a cloth moistened by Flaw Check Cleaner. Shake well & spray Flaw Check Developer on the test surface. Allow it to develop for 5 to 15 minutes. Inspect the surface for contrast for possible defects.


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