Water-based Epoxy Damp Proof Coating - 1 Kg

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Product Features:

  • Allows water in the walls to evaporate in the form of vapour
  • Dilutable with water and has high covering ability, making it very economical
  • Reduces water permeability
  • Excellent adhesion to all cementitious substrates
  • After attaining the full curing stage becomes a thick and hard film coat
  • Can be directly applied over damp concrete or plaster and thus provides excellent water resistant coating
  • Does not require curing
  • Can be applied on both sides of water pressure
  • Offers excellent resistance to salt water, mild acids and alkalis
  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-flammable
  • Possesses anti-fungal property and is resistant to microorganisms
  • Useful as a primer for water based paints or solvent based paints

Additional Information

Brand: Chembond

Pack Size: 1 Kg

Other Details:

Waterproofing of Internal damp walls and ceiling, RCC water tanks, Primer for painting on internal and external walls, Damp walls of toilets, kitchen walls and lift pits, As a putty with OPC – white cement to fill fine cracks of walls, Sterile areas of food/pharma industries, etc.


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